It all starts with an approach.a question.

Business acumen with academic rigor

Working Theory is a boutique research, innovation and education firm. Our team blends the best of academia and the business world to help our clients create stronger organizations, more engaged workforces and better outcomes.

What We Do

  • 1. We Help
    Custom designed change programs

    We help organizations move towards their goals through custom designed change programs that incorporate the best of leading research and business practices

  • 2. We Provide Answers
    Social science research techniques

    We apply social science research techniques to provide deeper, richer answers to important organizational questions

  • 3. We Introduce
    Innovative ways

    We introduce innovative ways of being, thinking and doing in your organization

  • 4. We Teach
    The latest theories and practices

    We teach and train the next generation of leaders and practitioners in the latest theories and practices of their discipline

  • 5. We Coach
    Make the leap from knowledge to action

    We coach individuals, teams and organizations on making the leap from knowledge to action.

Have a difficult question or issue that is holding back your organization? 

Give us a call, or drop us a line, because we are known for our attentive listening, great questions and thoughtful answers.