Our mission is to create better organizations, more engaged workforces and better outcomes.


Our promise is attentive listening, great questions, thoughtful answers and change in your organization.


We work best with difficult problems, important problems, wicked problems.  Our teams embrace the process of discovery, are known for their willingness to ‘do the work’, have an open mind and a critical eye. We work with our clients through an iterative process, leveraging our collective skills sets, mindsets, experiences and methodology.  It is exciting work when both the client and consultant grow as a result of their effort together.

Our Research team is grounded in the latest management research techniques, with a strong emphasis on mixed method action research practices.  Our work with customers is rooted in a deeply humanistic approach so that we best understand and empathize with their needs.  We avoid narrow minded approaches and instead consider the whole system when we work.  Our participative research methodology ensures that we work with you and the research journey we both take is one that is shaped by the strengths of your team and ours.

Our Consulting team has a depth and breadth of business expertise that is second to none.  We blend our business acumen with academic rigour to present a unique voice in our conversation with our clients.   We are passionate about designing, building and implementing change programs for our clients that are rooted in action learning, systems thinking, research based insights and practical experience.  For some clients that means creating a culture of innovation or customer centricity, for others that may mean sharpening the focus on operational excellence, creating a coaching culture or effectively deploying a new strategy. Regardless of the focus, what you can be assured of is that we will work with you to create a custom program to lift the performance of your organization.

Our Training programs have been carefully constructed by industry and adult learning experts, with one goal in mind: to create an outstanding learning experience that will make a difference in your work.  The instructors are leading practitioners and experts who are active in the field.  They bring their wisdom, passion and know-how into the classroom.

We love nothing more than to watch you succeedand we look forward to working with you.