Lean Six Sigma TrainingConsultingConsultingChristian (Innovation Manager)
Paul was absolutely awesome. He communicates concepts clearly and has a unique ability to take away the “clutter and noise”....
Lean Six Sigma Training
Ali (Supply Chain Manager, student)
Paul takes the time to listen, and then recommend an approach that is customized to our needs. His calm and thoughtful attitude make it an enjoyable experience as the program develops and ultimately comes together as envisioned
Kelly (Senior Program Manager)
Within a short period, Paul was able to size the challenges facing our organization....the plan correctly identified the salient issues affecting the organization's Sales and Marketing organization and provided a corresponding set of remedies to implement. Throughout this time, Paul conducted himself in a thoughtful, professional and effective fashion... He is an adept listener who has an earnest quality about him and was able to solicit the trust and support of all parties he worked with.
Gus (GM Canada)
Many of you already know Paul and Working Theory. For those of you who don't, I can't recommend him enough if you are looking to create new behaviours in your organization or improve your own coaching.
Christian (Innovation Manager)