Questions. Answers.
Insights. Opportunities.


Whether you want to study your competition, more deeply understand your customers, get the pulse of what your employees really think or anticipate the future, Working Theory equips you with the information you need to build your strategies and win in the marketplace.

  •  Experienced Interviewers

    It takes unusual skill and trust to put an interview subject at ease and uncover the heart of a customer’s story. But that’s what we do. Our team includes doctoral level researchers who specialize in qualitative and mixed methods research.  They love this stuff.

  • Expert Survey Design

    Survey design is as much an art as it is a science. Surveys that are efficient, yield meaningful data and enable better business decisions are challenging to create. Not only are our researchers experts at this, they LOVE doing it.

  • Advanced Statistical Analysis

    Our research team loves to take your data and build predictive models. Can you imagine a situation where you have a massive decision to make, yet don’t have enough facts to feel assured about the path you are gong to take? What if you could test drive your decisions, before putting them in action? What if you could look forward into the uncertain future and see what would happen if you made this decision or that one?  You can with our analytics team.

  • Relevant Benchmarks

    It’s great to have data, but it’s also important to know where you stack up relative to your peer group. Benchmarking data, from a variety of trusted sources is a powerful way to triangulate the findings from the research and place your path forward in the context of your peer group.

  • Action Research

    Research answers important questions. Action research is a powerful way to engage your people. It is a methodology in which research is done with your team, not on them. This collaborative approach to sense making, insight generation and validated learning is our signature.