The market is constantly changing.  Your customer’s needs are always evolving.  Your competition is always looking for new ways to win business.


The question is not whether your products or services will have to change, the question is how fast can you change, and what should you change to? Our proprietary RAPiD ™ framework integrates innovation, sales and marketing fundamentals to focus the creative process, generate momentum and (re-)design products/services in a repeatable manner. [RAPiD™ is an acronym for Research-Analyze-Prototype-iterate-Deploy].

  • Innovation is not something that the ‘creatives’ do. Innovation is something that we all do, because we are all wired to create.

  • Proven Methodology

    We created RAPiD™ in order to teach innovation. We wanted something simple, yet powerful that will allow innovations teams, marketing teams, software teams, product development teams etc… to learn how step through the innovation process. RAPiD™ stands for Research-Analyze-Prototype-iterate-Deploy.

  • Experienced Business Designers.

    We teach this, we do this, we love this. Our Business Design teams are small multidisciplinary teams that love design challenges filled with constraints. Constraints bring out the best in our teams and we thrive in the uncertainty of trying to solve wicked problems.  Business design is a dance on the edge of your comfort zone.  Will you join us there?

  • Empathetic Customer Journey Mapping

    Central to our Business Design and Innovation work is an empathetic view of the customer’s journey and a structured process of sense making. Listening to the customer, closely, with an open mind is the wonderful legacy of our action research bias. We used proven research methods to clarify the needs, distill the essence of the opportunities, prioritize choice, get clear on what we need to do to solve those gaps and build you the plan on how to implement the changes that your customers want, but haven’t been able to articulate.

  • Business acumen

    It is not enough to have a great idea. It must also pass the business-value ‘sniff test’.  Our team possesses advanced business degrees and practical business leadership. Every idea goes through the same core question: “If this was my business, would I do it?”