Coaching is one of the most important things a leader will ever do with, and FOR,  their team.  Our coaching program focuses on developing your ability to coach, mentor and provide constructive feedback.

Many organizations today would like to see their managers move in the direction of enhancing their coaching skills, not to become coaches, per se, but to have a more productive relationship with some of the particularly younger employees entering the workforce.

This two-day program helps current managers with several years of supervisory experience further develop skills that will enable them to work more successfully with a wide range of employee by providing presentation and practice in the following:

  • Enhanced listening and encouraging skills.
  • An approach that encourages employees to think for themselves and take responsibility.
  • Lessens the weight on the manager to do provide all the answers.
  • Encourages respect among team and work group members.

Audience: This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders wanting to become better listeners and more present in the conversations they have with their team
  • Leaders who want to improve the quality of dialogue and communication within their team
  • Leaders who want to increase the quality of their coaching and unlock the potential of their team

Coaching for Performance is a three day workshop where learners will be exposed to the theory and practice of coaching and providing constructive feedback.  It is a hands-on workshop, where the learners will apply the concepts in role play sessions with each other and will receive feedback via self-reflection, their peers and from the instructor.  The first two days of the workshop will provide the learner with an opportunity to learn and practice the techniques, while the third day, which will occur 6-8 weeks after the first session, will be used to share best practices, experiences and fine tune your coaching prowess.  

In this workshop, the participants will learn the key theories that underpin effective coaching and will learn how to apply the GROW coaching model to improve the quality of their coaching.  Participants will learn how to create the conditions for great thinking and how to engage their people through the use of questions to open up their thinking.  Our learners will also apply these techniques in traditional mentoring and coaching scenarios.  Lastly, the SBI model of constructive feedback will be introduced to our participants.  This model will improve the quality of your feedback as well as increasing the likelihood of it being a source of positive change for your team.

Finally, as part of this workshop, each participant will create a coaching development plan for themselves and for key individuals on their teams.  These plans will focus their coaching over the 6-8 weeks between the first session and the second session.

This hands-on workshop will empower your to engage your team in richer conversations, more powerful learning moments and a create stronger relationships that will help you achieve your organizational goals.


This course is ideal for:

1) Leaders who need to  lead their teams to higher levels of performance

2) Leaders who need to improve the quality of the feedback that they give their teams and improve the quality of their communication in general

3) Leaders who are seeking an applied course that will help them improve their coaching through practice

Where do many Mentoring programs today go wrong?  Try as they might, too often the Mentor evolves into “the expert with the answers” rather than the “guide,” which often was the original intent of the Mentoring program.

Working with both Mentors and Mentees together during the two-day program, the participants are guided into a more equal relationship in which the Mentor helps the Mentee discover their own answers and suggestions, only agreeing to be the “expert” when directly asked.  The result is a much stronger bond between Mentor and Mentee, and, consequently, Mentee and the organization.  This relationship also tends to produce much stronger and more independent Mentees who are more prepared for future leadership roles.


This course is ideal for:

1) Leaders who need to  lead their teams to higher levels of performance

2) Leaders who want to improve the ROI on traditional mentor-mentee relationships

3) Mentors  and Mentees who want to learn how to effectively engage in their relationship