Innovation is a process.  Creativity can be taught.  Anyone can do it.  Everyone needs to do it.


Our innovation program has been designed to teach the essentials of creativity, design and iterative development in such a way that leaders, individuals and teams can learn the practices of innovation.  Each workshop can be taken on it’s own, but when taken together, these sessions provide a powerful, complementary toolkit to tackle your organization’s innovation challenges.

Agile is an iterative and adaptive process that focuses on dealing with unpredictability and rapid solution development. Agile is prevalent in the software industry, industries relying on technology, and lean/entrepreneurial endeavours. This course will provide a strong background in Agile techniques, lifecycle, and team dynamics.  Training will be coupled with workshops to provide hands-on experience implementing Agile.

This course is ideal for:

  1. Project leaders who want to infuse Agile thinking (iterative development and design)  into their teams (both technical teams and non-technical)
  2. Individuals wishing to better understand Agile principles and methodology and;
  3. Leaders who want to better understand Agile and discover how it can be applied in their teams

The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process is a highly useful lens for any team charged with creative problem solving.  This 2 day workshop allows individuals, teams and leaders to explore their own creative problem solving preferences and where these may be creating conflict or synergy on their team.  

Students will learn the core elements of the CPS process and will debrief on their CPS assessment as well at the team’s CPS assessment.  Students will learn what triggers frustration in their teammates during the creative problem solving process and will also become more aware of how their own actions may be contributing to the team’s (dys-)functions.  Students will learn strategies to increase their creativity in problem solving and will practice these techniques on a real business challenge.


This course is ideal for:

1) Organizational leaders who need to improve the creativity of their teams

2) Teams who want to learn how to work better together during projects and other activities that require creativity

3) Project Leaders who want a new lens to understand team dynamics, particularly under stressful conditions

This 6 day hands-on course combines marketing fundamentals with design thinking practices.  It  teaches the essential tools, practices and frameworks necessary to design services, products or value propositions for your customer or end user.

This hands on program takes place over the course of 6 months and is designed to lead an individual or team through the design process, with the culmination being a product/service/value proposition that will be launched in their market.  Students will be exposed to innovation and design concepts, applied research techniques to deepen their customer awareness and empathy, marketing and customer segmentation techniques to narrow their focus, prototyping techniques to aid in concept development and deployment planning to bring their solution market.  The program follows Working Theory’s own RAPiD framework (Research-Analyze-Prototype-Iterate-Deploy).

This course is ideal for:

  1. Any project leader (or team) that is tasked with designing new and innovative products or services
  2. Any sales and marketing leader who wants to bring structure to the creative process, while enabling focused creativity
  3. Any individual who wants to learn more about Design Thinking and innovation processes