Service Excellence is the mindset, tool set and behaviours that are needed to WOW your customers.  Our Service Excellence program focuses on awakening your emotional intelligence, creating a Culture of WOW,  and teaching your employees how to create Random Acts of WOW for your customers.

Building off the Disney model of customer service, this program is an essential ingredient in creating a truly customer centric organization.

The goal of this workshop is to inspire each participant to take charge of their own ability to make each service encounter a WOW for themselves and their customers.


The primary focus of this introductory workshop is to create and cultivate a service excellence mindset in each participant and to provide them with core set of service excellence skills that they can apply in the workplace to create more consistent and positive customer experiences. By leveraging adult education principles, this program has been designed to lead participants through a series of hands-on exercises in which they learn and apply the ideas of this course with the focus on how to create WOW moments for their customers.


Note, this workshop can be configured in a 1 day or 2 day format.  The difference being the depth and breadth of the exercises and debriefs that are conducted during the session.  For general awareness training, a 1 day workshop is sufficient.  To have participants prepared to apply these skills with a level of mastery, a 2 day session is recommended.

Audience: This course is ideal for:

  • Teams that want to become passionate about the customer experience and learn the Disney model for customer experience
  • Individuals who want to learn how to take control of their emotions to handle difficult customer interactions and turn them into acts of WOW
  • Individuals who want to learn how to improve their written, verbal and non-verbal communication with the customers to create AMAZING customer experiences
  • Managers who want to lead a customer revolution in their team

Emotional Intelligence is an essential ingredient in a Culture of WOW.   This 1 day workshop allows individuals, teams and leaders to explore their own emotional intelligence.  

Students will learn the core elements of emotional intelligence and engage in a series of exercises to explore their emotional triggers and typical responses.  This exploration will occur in the context of the individual, the team and the organization, and in a variety of mediums, including email, chat, telephone and face-to-face.  Students will develop their own EI Development Plans and Response strategies and practice them in live scenarios.

This hands-on workshop will empower your and your team to be more in control of your emotions, improve performance and to learn new strategies to better handle difficult situations.


This course is ideal for:

1) Leaders who need to improve their self-management and lead their teams to higher levels of performance

2) Teams who want to better manage their team dynamics and create amazing customer interactions

3) Individuals who want to better manage their emotions,  improve their performance, promotability and engagement with others