High performing teams are critical for any successful organization.  How can you make yours better?

Teams are the critical organizational unit that ‘gets things done’ and yet, effective teams often seem elusive.  Why is it that it seems so rare for a team to truly ‘perform’?   Our workshops in the Team Development program were designed to help organization unlock the potential of their most important asset – their PEOPLE and the teams they are a part of.  If you are looking for the two biggest ROI’s for your organization, look no further than your Leaders and Your Teams.


To maximize the ROI on your people investment, many of our clients have found that integrating the workshops in the context of a larger organizational change initiative has been highly successful.

This full day workshop is based on the leadership lessons from the book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ by Patrick Lencioni.   

This hands-on workshop will take you and your team through the Five Dysfunctions model and will debrief on the results of the team assessment.  The team will then go through a series of exercises to explore personal aspects of each of the Five Dysfunctions and in so doing, address key issues that are holding the group back from higher levels of performance.  Goals and plans forward will be set based on the team exercises. Expect a safe environment, honest conversations and a healthy dose of humility to be present in this unforgettable day.

Audience: This workshop is ideal for:

  1. Any team that is struggling to achieve their goals
  2. Any team that is challenged with unhealthy relationships, a lack of cohesion and ineffective group dynamics
  3. Any team that is doing well, but sees the opportunity to perform better through improved teamwork and alignment

This 1 day workshop teaches the core ideas of Nancy Kline’s ‘Thinking Environment’ and applies them to meetings to completely transform how you run a meeting.  

Nancy Kline’s best selling book “Time to Think” and her Transforming Meetings methodology are taught and practiced in this hands-on workshop. The 10 components of the Thinking Environment will be discussed and applied on a real business issue that the students will bring to the workshop.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in a meeting run using the principles of a Thinking Environment.  Be prepared for an enlightening day on the power of silence, the strength of presence and beauty of a question.

This workshop is ideal for:

1) Leaders (and teams) who are tired of ineffective meetings and want a simple, effective way to improve the outcomes of meetings

2) Leaders (and teams) who want to improve the efficiency with which decisions are reached

3) Leaders (and teams) who want a proven, yet simple way to foster healthy dialog in a supportive manner

Emotional Intelligence is an essential ingredient in an effective team.   This 1 day workshop allows individuals, teams and leaders to explore their own emotional intelligence.  

Students will learn the core elements of emotional intelligence and engage in a series of exercises to explore their emotional triggers and typical responses.  This exploration will occur in the context of the individual, the team and the organization, and in a variety of mediums, including email, chat, telephone and face-to-face.  Students will develop their own EI Development Plans and Response strategies and practice them in live scenarios.

This hands-on workshop will empower your and your team to be more in control of your emotions, improve performance and to learn new strategies to better handle difficult situations.


This course is ideal for:

1) Leaders who need to improve their self-management and lead their teams to higher levels of performance

2) Teams who want to better manage their team dynamics and create amazing customer interactions

3) Individuals who want to better manage their emotions,  improve their performance, promotability and engagement with others

The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process is a highly useful lens for any team charged with creative problem solving.  This 1 day workshop allows individuals, teams and leaders to explore their own creative problem solving preferences and where these may be creating conflict or synergy on their team.  

Students will learn the core elements of the CPS process and will debrief on their CPS assessment as well at the team’s CPS assessment.  Students will learn what triggers frustration in their teammates during the creative problem solving process and will also become more aware of how their own actions may be contributing to the team’s (dys-)functions.  Students will learn strategies to increase their creativity in problem solving and will practice these techniques on a real business challenge.


This course is ideal for:

1) Organizational leaders who need to improve the creativity of their teams

2) Teams who want to learn how to work better together during projects and other activities that require creativity

3) Project Leaders who want a new lens to understand team dynamics, particularly under stressful conditions