Organizations are under immense pressure to change at a rate that was inconceivable even just a few years ago.

Our transformation and change program was designed to help organizations navigate through the complexity of change.  The first element of the program is the Playing to Win workshop that takes the leader through a series of strategic choices that their organization must make.  The second element of the program is the Accelerating Change workshop which focuses on equipping the leader with the change management tools necessary to align the organization and increase the buy-in for the necessary changes to bring the strategy to life.  The third element of the program focuses on user/customer centric design and the power of designing your business around the customer’s needs.

This workshop provides an introduction to core change management principles and provides a variety of tools and techniques that all change leaders can utilize to increase buy-in for their change initiative. 

Using Kotter’s Change Model as a basis for understanding how leaders need to proactively engage in change management, this workshop focuses on applying a variety of tools and techniques to increase employee involvement and engagement in your initiative.  In this hands-on workshop, you will create a change vision, develop a stockholder map, craft an elevator speech, utilize the 3D’s matrix to strengthen the case for change, conduct a forcefield analysis, create a communication plan and a stakeholder management plan to support your intitiative.

Audience: This workshop is ideal for those who are:

  1. Preparing to launch initiatives within their organization that will require significant change management
  2. Leaders who need a framework to coach their people on how to better plan, organize and lead the change management side of any project
  3. Project Leaders who are wanting tools to help them better lead changes in their organization

This intensive 1  day workshop brings to life the ideas and practices of Roger Martin’s “Playing to Win” methodology. 

In this workshop, students will learn the framework that leading companies across the world have successfully implemented to create competitive advantage and deliver superior results.  Senior leaders will have the opportunity to learn from each other while they evolve their own thinking on how to best utilize this powerful methodology in their own organization.  In this interactive day, senior leaders will work through the important choices of: 1) What is our winning aspiration, 2) Where will we play, 3) How will we win in chosen markets, 4) What capabilities must be in place to win and 5) What management systems are required.

This course is ideal for:

1) Senior Leaders who need a safe place to work on their strategy in a collaborative manner

2) Senior Leaders and their teams who want to accelerate the design and articulation of their strategy

3) Experienced Leaders who want to prepare themselves for their next role where strategy development will play a larger role

This 6 day hands-on course combines marketing fundamentals with design thinking practices.  It  teaches the essential tools, practices and frameworks necessary to design services, products or value propositions for your customer or end user.

This hands on program takes place over the course of 6 months and is designed to lead an individual or team through the design process, with the culmination being a product/service/value proposition that will be launched in their market.  Students will be exposed to innovation and design concepts, applied research techniques to deepen their customer awareness and empathy, marketing and customer segmentation techniques to narrow their focus, prototyping techniques to aid in concept development and deployment planning to bring their solution market.  The program follows Working Theory’s own RAPiD framework (Research-Analyze-Prototype-Iterate-Deploy).

This course is ideal for:

  1. Any project leader (or team) that is tasked with designing new and innovative products or services
  2. Any sales and marketing leader who wants to bring structure to the creative process, while enabling focused creativity
  3. Any individual who wants to learn more about Design Thinking and innovation processes